If you’re apprehensive about writing your own resumé, Foot In The Door Resumé Specialists should be your first call. When you are a student it can be even more difficult, because yes, you can’t get a job because you lack experience! Right?…WRONG.

When you’re a college student or recent graduate it can be a challenge to figure out what to include on your resume. However, most college students don’t have an extensive employment history and employers don’t expect you to have significant work experience.

Just because you are at the beginning your career doesn’t mean that you don’t have significant accomplishments to include in your student resume.

Your CV is your first chance to stand out from the competition. Foot In The Door is Western Australia’s most professional resumé and CV specialists and guarantee that your resumé will be polished, compelling, and help you get your foot in the door today!


072a1a1Guess What? – I was a student once too, and chances are the HR person reviewing your CV was once or still is, too. I have plenty of tips and procedures on how to exhibit yourself in the best possible light.