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There is definitely a big variation between a good resume, a not so good resume and those which defy classification. However, good resumes don’t necessarily benefit from any one specific writing method. In other words, what works best for one resume might not necessarily work best for another. Of course, there are some techniques which work equally well across almost all resumes. Here’s some

  1. Personalisation – it explains who you are, what your key competencies are, and what you’re looking for.
  2. Concise and well formatted – utilisation of white space and modern, easy to read fonts
  3. Utilisation of key phrases and consistency of meaning
  4. Quantification of achievements – it doesn’t make general claims but rather explains achievements in actual terms
  5. Elimination of redundancies – why irritate the reader with unnecessary repetition and useless generic terminology
  6. …and ABOVE ALL – It’s interesting! Lets face it no one wants to view anything that’s boring – it’s almost certainly not going to make the ‘IN’ tray

However, at Foot in the Door Professional Resumes, we also understand that there can be very different writing techniques which are suitable for one industry, but not necessarily another.

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Your resume and cover letter are your tools to make an impact on a potential employer and secure an interview. There are many services on the market which claim to offer quality resumes and cover letters, each with a different opinion on style and content.

At Foot in the Door Professional Resumes, we believe that writing a quality resume and cover letter begins with face to face consultation which guarantees a truly representative and targeted summary of your skills and experiences – one that will that will convince the employer of your capabilities. The goal is to make your statement so convincing that the reader cannot wait to meet you.

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Tanya P
Tanya P
09:53 14 Sep 18
Matthew did a fantastic job with my Resume. He was able to show my personality in my resume in a professional manner and did it within 24 hours, which I was really grateful for. I feel a sense of confidence in my resume with how it's presented and how professional it is now, and my friend's at college have said to me how amazing my resume looks too. I highly recommend Foot In The Door to anyone who feel's less than confident in the presentation or wording of their resume.
Chantelle Morgan
Chantelle Morgan
04:55 09 Aug 18
Excellent service. Great, Professional Resume, excellent quality. Michelle and Matthew are wonderful and efficient. Highly Recommended.
Mark L
Mark L
14:21 27 Jul 18
Matthew did a fantastic job in producing a professional CV for me. Great service and would highly recommend them to anyone !!
Mark Richards
Mark Richards
04:53 05 Sep 17
I didn’t understand why I was able to secure interviews using my own written resume? After a short discussion with, Michelle Walker from “Foot in the Door” it became clear to me that I couldn’t write my own resume objectively or present it in a modern way. I have already secured a job interview with less than twenty applications sent out with a “Foot in the Door” professionally written resume. Thank you very much to Michelle for giving back my confidence in presenting my resume and for the positive outlook in my search for a new job. It’s worth the investment
Garry Carter
Garry Carter
09:44 08 Apr 18
Very professional. Layout looks great. Thanks Matthew
oisin cummins
oisin cummins
02:13 21 Sep 18
Matthew created an excellent CV for me. His knowledge and experience was evident and I am really happy with the quick turnaround and result.
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